Find out how to explore the labor market and conduct wage surveys before beginning your search for a new career.  Discover surprising way to uncover the hidden Job Market.  Did you know that most of the available jobs are never posted?  Get the scoop on how to tap into that hidden Job Market.


In this session you will learn what employers look for in a Resume.  We will assist you in building a Resume that will stand out. We will teach you how to avoid any unnecessary information, but include all information that is required to improve your chances of being selected for the interview.  There are several types of Resumes to choose from, you’ll decide which is best for you!


In today’s economy, the quality of a company’s personnel can mean the difference between a slot on the Fortune 500 and a trip to the unemployment office. Human Resources managers often act as talent scouts and coaches at the same time.  Human resources managers identify potential star employees for a company, while strengthening their organization’s entire workforce.


This session will cover how to take control of your financial future.  Topics on finding the hidden money and the importance of budgeting will be discussed in details.  You will learn the difference between saving and investing.